26 – 29 May 2022 at the Palace of Culture and Science and Plac Defilad


Where is the Book Fair in Warsaw taking place?

The Book Fair will be held at the very heart of Warsaw: on Plac Defilad as well as inside the Palace of Culture and Science (entrance from the Marszałkowska street).

The exhibitors’ booths will be located in tents in front of Palace of Culture and Science. Apart from that there will be stages where the meetings with authors will be taking place. The Fair will also be located inside the Palace of Culture and Science where apart from exhibition spaces there will be an area dedicated to meet-ups, conferences or business meetings.

When is the Fair taking place?

The Book Fair will be open for the visitors on:

  • 26.05.2022 from 10:00 AM to 6 PM
  • 27.05.2022 from 10:00 AM to 7 PM
  • 28.05.2022 from 10:00 AM to 7 PM
  • 29.05.2022 from 10:00 AM to 5 PM

How to get there?

Palace of Culture and Science is located in the very city centre of Warsaw. You can easily arrive there by simply using the website which will give you exact directions for your journey: https://jakdojade.pl/warszawa

Am I required to buy tickets in order to enter the Book Fair?

No. The admission to the Book Fair in Warsaw is completely free of charge for every visitor. The visitors will be asked to follow the current anti-epidemic regulations and/or guidelines provided by the specific authorities.

Do I have to register for the events?

If it is not stated otherwise, there is no need to register for the events throughout the Book Fair in Warsaw.

What attractions will be available during the Book Fair in Warsaw?

This year’s May Book Fair in Warsaw has a lot in schedule. In addition to the abundant publishing offer, there will be a wide range of events not only for the adults but also the younger readers: the literary program of the Guest of Honour – Norway, meetings with authors, translators, illustrators, people from the world of culture, discussions, workshops, competitions and exhibitions.

This year’s Guest of Honour is Norway, whose participation is great news for many readers. In Poland, Norwegian literature is cherished and respected thanks to amazing authors, translators and publishers.

Simultaneously with the Book Fair in Warsaw the Comic Book Warsaw Festival will be taking place. Fans of graphic novels will be able to purchase the newest releases of their favourite publications, participate in meet ups with artists they want to interact with and ask for a personalised graphic dedication. For admirers of the crime literature we organised a separate festival – Warsaw Detective Story Festival. During the Competition for the Grand Prix of the Festival, the jury will award best crime publications released in polish. There will also be a possibility to meet up with the laureates during the Book Fair. We also have something prepared for the fans of fantasy! We made sure that they will have an opportunity to meet with the most popular authors of this genre.

An important part of the Book Fair in Warsaw is a Reading Warsaw programme. Throughout the event many meetings with writers will be held. This includes, loved by the public, discussions concerning Warsaw Literary Awards. This year’s Book Fair in Warsaw is surely going to be a treat for non-fiction lovers. During The Reportage Day the audience will have an opportunity to participate in meetings with nominees and laureates of the Ryszard Kapuściński award, founded by the Town Council of the City of Warsaw.

We also have a lot of fun things prepared for our youngest guests. They can go and explore the hottest, newest releases of kid’s and teen’s literature. Apart from that there will be many amusing meetings with creators of this literature genre: writers, translators and illustrators.

The Book Fair in Warsaw will be accompanied by The Fair of Academic and Scientific Book: ACADEMIA on their 15th anniversary. As a part of ACADEMIA Fair we organised a competition for the best academic and scientific book. In this contest we would like to award the best publishers. During the Book Fair in May the guests from the industry, publishers, translators, illustrators, booksellers and librarians will be able to attend many interesting meet ups, debates and workshops.

Where can I park? Do I have to pay for parking?

Full information about the matter can be found on the website: https://pkin.pl/parking/

The car park is unguarded but supervised. It is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Parking is available for cars and vans, as well as trucks, buses and coaches. There are 8 automatic cash registers available for those using the parking. One of them is located in the main hall of the Palace of Culture and Science. The Technical Service Point is available for the visitors at all times. You can contact them directly or get the information you need via intercom located at all ticket offices as well as entry / exit devices. An invoice for the parking fee can be obtained at the Customer Service Office or via letter request within 3 months from the last month in which the receipt was issued.

The  car park’s Customer Service Office is located on level 1 of the Palace in the elevator hall and is open on Mondays from 10.00 AM – 4.00 PM, Tuesday – Friday from 8.00 AM4 PM (you can contact them by calling: 22 656 63 49, 734 211 190). The Technical Service Point is open 24 hours (it is located in front of the Palace of Culture and Science, from the side of Marszałkowska street, near the main entrance to the Palace. You can reach them by calling: 22 656 71 62). At the Technical Service Point, you can also receive a receipt in the event of forgetting to download it at the automatic parking cash register. In such case you should contact the Technical Service Point after paying for the ticket but before leaving the car park. After leaving the car park, the ticket loses the necessary information to issue a document. At the Technical Service Point it is also possible to exchange money.


Entering the car park :

There are three entrances to the car park from Emilii Plater street: the first one is located at the Central Railway Station near the Museum of Technology); the second one is near the Kongresowa Room and the third in front of Świętokrzyska street (at the Palace of Youth). There is also one from the side of Marszałkowska street. When entering, the barriers will open after collecting a single-use parking ticket or after holding a permanent card against the reader.


Leaving the car park:

One on Marszałkowska street (next to the former tribune); five on Emilii  Plater street: two next to the Museum of Technology (near Aleje Jerozolimskie street), one next to the Kongresowa Room, two next to the swimming pool of the Palace of Youth (near Świętokrzyska street).

Visitors will have 8 automatic cash registers at their disposal. One is located in the main hall of PKiN. There are 4 near Emilii Plater street (two located next to the passage between the Kongresowa Room and Museum of Technology and two in the passage from the Kongresowa Room to the swimming pool in the Palace of Youth). There is also 1 in front of the “Kinoteka” cinema, 1 near the entry rout on Marszałkowska street, in front of the main entrance to the Palace of Culture and Science, 1 register is also located near the “Studio” theatre and 1 in the main hall of the PKiN. The cash register located near the “Studio” theatre is dedicated to people using a wheelchair. When leaving, your prepaid ticket or a valid permanent card will open the bar.


Car park fees:

  • Passenger cars:
    • Up to 15 min.: 3 PLN
    • Every next hour: 6 PLN
    • 24 hours: 100 PLN
  • Delivery trucks, buses and vans up to 2,10m in height:
    • Up to 15 min.: 6 PLN
    • Every next hour: 20 PLN
    • 24 hours: 300 PLN
  • Fee for not having a valid ticket: 100 PLN
  • A 24 hour ticket or multiple day tickets can be purchased at the Customer Service Office (open Monday to Friday) / invoices/ receipts/ at the Technical Service Point (open 24/7). The payment must be completed within the first hour of entering the car park.

Is there anywhere to grab something to eat nearby?

Cafes and restaurants available in the surrounding area:

  • So Coffee (main entrance of PKiN, from Marszałkowska street)
  • Green! Cafe Nero (main entrance of PKiN, from Marszałkowska street)
  • Bistro Trojka – bar and restaurant (main entrance of PKiN, from Marszałkowska street, a self-service bar is located on the 1st floor in the elevator hall while the restaurant is on the 2nd floor, opposite of the ticket stands for the 30th floor viewing point),
  • Cafe Kulturalna (PKiN, from Marszałkowska street, main entrance of the „Dramatyczny” theatre)
  • Bar Studio (PKiN, from Marszałkowska street, near “Studio” theatre)
  • Kawiarnia Kinoteka (PKiN, entrance from the Aleje Jerozolimskie street)
  • Gwiazdy Bliżej Gwiazd – cafe (PKiN, on the 30th floor, available only after purchasing a ticket for the rooftop viewing point)
  • Hard Rock Cafe (Złota 59 street, near the entrance to Złote Tarasy shopping centre, from Emilii Plater street)
  • Costa Coffee (Złota 59 street, Skylight, near the Złote Tarasy shopping centre, from Emilii Plater street).

Apart from these there are also many other restaurants and cafes located inside the Złote Tarasy shopping centre on Złota 59 street.

Where can I use a restroom during the Book Fair?

Free of chargé toilets are located inside the Palace of Culture and Science on the 1st floor (when entering through the main entrance, from Marszałkowska street). The toilets are located on the left hand side after going down the stairs.